Good service :

a) Free artwork for approval within 24 hours.

b) Free designs for your customers studying within 24 hours.

c) Artwork & film charges from US$15.00 up, other competitors started from 38.90 up.......

d) Willing to work with you without any complaint.

Good delivery :

a) All our existing models, delivery can be controlled within 2 weeks or earlier.

b) For some big potential orders, all our suppliers and we can give you the good cooperation to make the delivery as fast as possible.

c) Making the pre-production sample for your customers approval, we can give it to you within a few days after receiving your correct data and using our current models.....

Good quality :

a) Insist to use the good 3 hands movement - Citizen 2035.

b) Insist to plate all the alloy or brass case with Ion-plated-silver or Ion-plated-gold.

c) Insist to use the genuine leather strap.

d) Insist to test all the watches before sending out, if the watches are 3 ATM up.....

e) Up to now, some good brand names such as fast food chains, beverages, sports, cars, airlines.......are still trusting us.