Movement :

There are different kinds of movements for the watches such as :

a) Simple 3 hands (hour, minute and second) - AL55, Y121, PC21.....from Seiko; 7T35, 2035.....from Citizen.

b) 3 hands with date display - PC32, VX32, VJ32.....from Seiko; 2115, 1M12, GM10.....from Citizen.

c) 3 hands with date and day display - PC33 VX33, VJ33.....from Seiko; 2105, 1M02.....from Citizen.

d) High power torque movements for the watch with moving second disc - number 2034 from Citizen and Y127 from Seiko.  If you want your logo can be moved on the watch, you can use this kind of movements, it will make your watch more funny and attractive.

e) 2 hands slim movement - VX50 from Seiko, this movement can make your watch as slim as possible.

f) Automatic movement - 8215 from Citizen also with date display.  You can keep the watch running, if you wear it every day, and no battery inside, so you don't need to worry the life of battery.

g) Multi-Eyes movement - There are many multi-eyes movements in the watch market such as 6P29, 6P27, 6P25, 6P00.....from Citizen; and VX36, VX3H, VX3J, VX3F.....from Seiko.  There is only one crown at 3 o'clock position to control all the multi-eyes.

h) Chronograph movement -  There are also many chronograph movements in the watch market.  Manufacturers normally will use VD54, VD55, VD53, VD57..... from Seiko; and OS10, OS20, OS30, OS60.....from Citizen.

The Chronograph Series which combines unique, advanced features to add ultimate value to your products including :

* Center second-hand chronograph

* Quick reset

* Click-feel push button


Case :

There are some materials you can choose for your watch case such as alloy, brass, stainless steel, aluminium, titanium and plastic.

a) About alloy and brass, they need to get ion-plating-silver or gold after polishing from the case factory.  Using the material - alloy, it is cheaper than brass, so many customers will select this material for some big promotional projects.

The good ion-plating can keep the case colour longer than acid gold, PNP gloss.....

b) About stainless steel, you don't need to worry the original colour will be changed in future.  Using this material for your customers, they wil be happy to wear every day and they will remember you forever.  Of course, cost of it will be expensive than alloy and brass.

For this material, you can also get any ion-plating for the case surface such as gold, black, gun, blue.....

c) About aluminium, characteristic of this material is soft, but you can make any colours whatever you want from Pantone book.

d) About titanium, characteristic of this material is very hard and the weight of it is light, and no need to get any plating for it.

e) About plastic, the case will be made by ABS or PC.  The band will be made by PVC or PU.  Of course, you can make any colours whatever you want as aluminium material.

f) For all the above materials, most of the watch manufacturers can make them with 3 ATM water resistant at least.

* What does 3 ATM mean?

* ATM is the abbreviation for the word "atmospheres."  An atmosphere is a measure of pressure.  1 atmosphere of pressure is equal to the amount of pressure the air around you exerts on you at sea level.

* As you go farther down in a dive, the pressure of the water around you increases.

* Your pressure increases by 1 atm for approximately every 33 feet you dive.  So, your watch, labeled as only working up to 3 ATM of pressure, will stop working if you dive more than 99 feet - chosen by Asker.

g) If you don't like the case in shiny, you can select the case surface in matt finishing.


Leather strap :

a) For genuine leather strap, there are many patterns on the strap surface such as lizard, shark skin, ostrich, crocodile, bamboo, snake.....

b) Ther strap can be with padded or flat.

c) The strap can be with stitching or without stitching.

d) Shape of the end part of strap can be round, square, peach.....

e) All the straps are included the stainless steel tongue and buckle.

f) Extra long straps of different sizes are available, but MOQ needs.....


Metal band :

a. There are folded, semi-solid, solid steel bands available from the market.

b. Material : 304, 316....., titanium.....


Plastic band :

a) There are PVC, PU, silicon bands available from the market.

b) You can make any colours what you want for all the plastic bands.


Hands :

a) There are metal hands in polished silver and gold by electro-plated.

b) You can make the hands as your requested colours from Pantone book.

c) There are also many luminous hands available for your watch designs.


Crown :

Now most of the watch manufacturers will ony use the stainless steel crown to avoid the quality problem.


Dial :

Plain white dial :-

You can use this kind of dial to print any indexes, figures, patterns, logos with any Pantone colours what you want by SILKSCREEN printing.

Raised indexes/figures dial :-

Any coloured background dials can be with gold or silver raised indexes or figures by Applied Index.

Others :-

Enamel, CNC Emboss, Mirror, Luminous Applied Index, Carbon Fiber, Emboss, Multi-layer Assembly, Mother of Pearl, Photo dial....